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Socially Authentic is a social media consultancy. We understand how overwhelming, exhausting or just plain confusing social media can be.  If you're like many of our clients, you need answers but don't know where to turn for credible, actionable guidance and support.

SA was founded in 2015 by Tracy Samantha Schmidt for this exact purpose. With more than a decade of experience working in social media, she has helped tens of thousands of people across the U.S. make sense of social media. 

Before founding Socially Authentic, Tracy worked as a journalist at TIME Magazine  and as the editorial director of ChicagoNow, the Tribune's influencer network. She also led the global social media strategy for Crain Communications, the publisher of Advertising Age. Additionally, Tracy teaches at the University of Chicago.

At SA, she is joined by partner consultants whose complimentary expertise ensures our clients' utmost success with digital marketing.  Services provided through SA include media relations, photography, videography, and web design and development.




Our Services


Strategy Design

SA will design a holistic social media strategy that aligns with your business objectives, brand values and available resources. The strategy will include a social media audit, competitive analysis, content marketing recommendations, social channels playbook, sample editorial calendar, a crisis plan and both qualitative and quantitative goals.

Custom training

SA will design and deliver a customized social media training program for your organization that is a lively combination of trend analysis, case studies, interactive discussions and group exercises. Topics we can cover include: Emerging Social Media Trends; Social Media Crisis Communications; Introduction to Social Selling; Creating Share-Worthy Content and Global Community Management.

Social advertising

SA will manage and run your social advertising campaigns across the appropriate social channels, working with you to design the creative and then implement the ads. A weekly report demonstrating the campaign's success will also be delivered.


community management

SA will manage your brand's social media strategy, including creating content for review, scheduling it, responding to comments, flagging important responses and generating weekly reports to show the success of your strategy. 

Private coaching

SA will deliver personalized coaching to cover the fundamentals of social media and create a strategy for you to use social media to achieve your personal and professional goals.


SA will write thought leadership pieces  on your behalf that are optimized for blogs and social channels. All pieces will include a playbook for sharing the piece on your social channels, as well tactics for encouraging meaningful conversation in the comments forum.

Quite simply, Tracy’s one of the best social media trainers in the country, and she’s also a joy to work with.
— David Klein, Advertising Age


client testimonials


"The series of social media sessions that she delivered measurably boosted our efforts to train and engage staff on our new, participatory social media strategy. If you, your staff, or your organization is looking to get up to speed on Social Media trends and best practices, I highly recommend working with Tracy."

-Andy Sternberg, Rotary International


"Tracy co-created a complete Social Media strategy for our growing organization. She was a great though partner, helped us through a series of team exercises, and created an Operations and Training manual that we finalized and presented to the organization. We realized that we were doing several things very well intuitively, and Tracy helped us expand our vision beyond today ... and then put it into one document as a source for the entire team. Great work and I'd bring her in / recommend her moving forward."

-Jason Bennett Harris, UI LABS


"I highly recommend Tracy to professionals considering hosting her seminar or hiring her on a one-on-one basis. You'll come away with actionable advice and feel empowered by the social media tools available to you as opposed to feeling overwhelmed."

-Elizabeth Steigler, The Chicago Network

"My firm, Origin Investments, has used Tracy to help us design our social media strategy and then hold our feet to the fire to hit our goals via quarterly reviews. We've been impressed by her thoroughness, on-time delivery and ideas. I absolutely would recommend her to others." 

-Melissa Harris, Origin Investments

"Tracy is an expert on social media and she demonstrates that in her explanation of philosophy, strategy, approach, and tactics. ALA staff were enthusiastic about her presentation."

-Jeff Julian, American Library Association





SA Principal Tracy Samantha Schmidt can be reached at 312.881.9040 or emailed at TracySamantha @

We look forward to talking with you soon.