Custom training

Through training programs, we ensure your success on social media.

Here's how our approach works:


1. Educate. We will begin by establishing a solid foundation on the topic. We’ll explain overall best practices and emerging trends applicable to your business.

2. Analyze. Next we’ll look at case studies of businesses within your peer set to illustrate potential opportunities and the strategies to avoid.

3. Recommend. Based on your goals and available resources, we will recommend tactics and processes for your team to advance your strategy.

4. Discuss. Finally, we will conclude with a honest discussion with your team in which we set realistic expectations and decide how to move forward together.

We can design a seminar or series of seminars on a wide range of social media topics. Here are the topics most commonly requested by our clients:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Business
  • Establishing Your Personal Social Media Strategy

  • Designing a Social Media Marketing Strategy for B2B Brands

  • Creating Better Content for Your Social Channels

  • Growing Your Audience Through Organic and Paid Tactics

  • Improving Your Social Media Team Workflow

  • Establishing Your Company’s Social Media Crisis Plan

  • Using Social Media Analytics to Make Better Decisions

  • Transforming Your Employees Into Brand Evangelists

  • Designing a Social Media Recruiting Plan to Attract Top Talent

  • Empowering Your Executives to Succeed with Social Media  

We can deliver your presentation on-site or via webcast.

You will receive a copy of the presentation in both PowerPoint and PDF format, and you will retain all rights to its usage. If the seminar is delivered as a webcast, you will receive the recording as well.

Our training services can also be white labeled and delivered directly to your own clients.

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What Our Clients Say


"Tracy's engaging and inspiring presentation style was a big hit in our organization, appealing to all skill levels. The series of social media sessions that she delivered measurably boosted our efforts to train and engage staff on our new, participatory social media strategy. If you, your staff, or your organization is looking to get up to speed on Social Media trends and best practices, I highly recommend working with Tracy."

-Andy Sternberg, Rotary International


"Thanks to Tracy, the training was exciting, engaging, and extremely worthwhile. And, we're already seeing results thanks to her great ideas and coaching! I would highly recommend Tracy for any social media training that your organization or network may need."

-Jennifer Litvak, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs


"I’ve been a raving fan of Tracy’s social media training and consulting for years. I recently had the privilege of hearing her presentation on creating a social media plan and was blown away. It’s so hard to speak to this subject and address everyone in the room. She masterfully covers the topics in a way every person can learn and walk away with actionable ideas. I truly don’t know anyone better to teach and strategize on social media than Tracy."

-Ellen Rogin, Metropolitan Capital Bank


"Far too many people claim to be social media experts. Very few can deliver any meaningful results. Tracy is one of those rare talents. It wouldn't matter if it was training our staff or directly managing our campaigns, I trust Tracy to always deliver what she promises."

-Seth Kravitz, Phlearn 


 "I recently had the pleasure of hearing Tracy speak and was BLOWN AWAY by her presentation! She takes this topic of social media that looks so overwhelming on the surface and dives down into it with you to make it seem simple and something you could do! And that was all from a presentation! I can't wait to partner with her and I look forward to writing a recommendation as a client next!"

-Cindi Cervone Carlson, Challenger, Gray and Christmas


"Tracy is an expert on social media and she demonstrates that in her explanation of philosophy, strategy, approach, and tactics. ALA staff were enthusiastic about her presentation."

-Jeff Julian, American Library Association