You have a powerful story. It's time to share it.


We understand how hard it is to talk about yourself--especially online. Let us show you the way forward. 

Through private consulting sessions, Tracy Samantha Schmidt will teach you how to build your online brand using social media and content marketing. 

As part of the program, Tracy will help you design a strategy that aligns with your available time and personal values. If you want to outsource your personal branding work, Tracy will assemble a team of writers, photographers and web developers on your behalf.

How the coaching sessions work

Each coaching session runs 60 minutes and focuses on 1-2 topics. This allows Tracy and the client to do a deep dive into the topic and provides ample time for answering questions as they arise.

The sessions are held virtually and recorded using the Join.Me platform. During the session, Tracy also take notes about what they have discussed and decisions they made together.

Following the session, Tracy will create a recap memo that includes her notes, additional resources and next steps for the executive. She will also send the recording of the session so that the client may review it.

As part of her fee, Tracy is also available to the executive via email for 7 days following each session. This allows the executive to follow up if they have technical questions or want to run a tactical idea by Tracy.



What Our Clients Say


"Tracy is a pleasure to work with, makes herself available and responds quickly. Finally someone who can speak social media to my "old" brain.

-Sari Klein, Jumpstart the Job Search


"The breadth and depth of her expertise, as well as her keen listening skills and engaged, personalized attention during our consultations brought the focus I sought, a valuable commodity in this communication-soaked era. She is truly a skilled professional."

-Genevieve Sedlack Waller


 "Tracy is an amazing social media coach. She knows her stuff--but, perhaps more importantly, she knows how to teach it so others get it. She shares her knowledge with great enthusiasm and passion--and never makes you feel intimidated because you don't have half the knowledge she has."

-Jessica MacKinnon, Dominican University