Strategy design

We design strategies for the complex social media issues that confront your business. 


Our unique process is rooted in journalism as we consider you the expert and it is our job to help you uncover the most effective solutions. Here's how it works:

Discover. First our team will focus on understanding your company's unique value proposition, your current approach to social media and the challenges your team faces.

Analyze. Next, we will evaluate the brands in your competitive set as well as emerging trends in your industry to determine the best opportunities for your company within social media.

Decide. Armed with this information, we will lead your team through a series of strategy sessions in which we decide how your company moves forward.


Design. We will then create your social media strategy manual. In our final session together, we will finalize the manual and decide on your company's goals for social media.

Train. To ensure your success, we can teach you and your colleagues how to execute your new strategy through a seminar delivered on-site or virtually. For full details, please see our Training Programs.

Support. We can also provide ongoing consulting to your team on a retainer basis. Options include weekly team discussions, monthly analytical reports and quarterly training programs

Here are some of the topics we can tackle:


Social Media Internal Workflow Establishing formal processes to improve efficiencies and ensure consistency across the entire social media production cycle. This cycle consists of brainstorming campaigns, creating content, scheduling posts, monitoring reaction, managing responses and analyzing metrics.

Increase Website Traffic  Designing a social media strategy to drive significant traffic to a brand's website. This strategy is particularly relevant for media companies that need to attract a large audience.

Social Recruiting Establishing a social media program to motivate qualified candidates within a highly competitive industry to apply for open positions. 

Event Strategy Design Designing a social media strategy for a large event such as a conference or festival. The strategy will include marketing the event, engaging participants and sponsors during the event, capturing content created during the event, and engaging participants after the event.

Communications Crisis Planning Designing a playbook that outlines how a brand and its employees should respond on social media in different crisis scenarios. Our team is also available on a retainer basis to provide ongoing counsel to brands facing a communications crisis.

Brand Awareness  Increasing the company's profile online and in the press through a combination of content strategy, media outreach and social advertising. This process can also be requested for the launch of a new product or service.

New Client / Customer Acquisition Establishing a social media program to affordably target, attract and convert specific audiences into paying clients or customers. 

Increase Organic Reach Analyzing a brand's existing social strategy to determine how to improve the reach and impact of its posts. Social advertising may be initially required to reignite the brand online.

Employee Engagement Improving company morale by designing social media campaigns and internal contests specifically for employees. This strategy also includes the creation or revision of an official employee social media policy.

Executive Thought Leadership Creating a strategy to transform company executives into thought leaders through tactics that align with their individual personalities, goals and available time. Tactics may include planning content, individualized coaching for the executives, assembling a team of ghostwriters, social media managers and video producers.

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What Clients Say


"Tracy co-created a complete Social Media strategy for our growing organization. She was a great though partner, helped us through a series of team exercises, and created an Operations and Training manual that we finalized and presented to the organization. We realized that we were doing several things very well intuitively, and Tracy helped us expand our vision beyond today ... and then put it into one document as a source for the entire team. Great work and I'd bring her in / recommend her moving forward."

-Jason Bennett Harris, UI LABS


"My firm, Origin Capital Partners, has used Tracy to help us design our social media strategy and then hold our feet to the fire to hit our goals via quarterly reviews. We've been impressed by her thoroughness, on-time delivery and ideas. I absolutely would recommend her to others."

-Melissa Harris, Origin Investments

"Tracy’s guidance and expertise have been invaluable to our organization. She taught a dynamic class at The University of Chicago’s Graham School and chose to develop a complex social media strategy for Project&. It was imaginative, extensive, customized, thoughtful and truly strategic: we have implemented much of her recommendations with great success. We are thrilled with the results of having worked with her."

-Keisha McClellan, Project&